Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And so we return, as it begins

Hi all.

Just about to set off on at least a 25 day blogging spree, as both Becca and I are taking part in ADVENTure this year, which is going to be awesome. Wait, whats that? you don't know what ADVENTure is? But...what?

The short of it is ADVENTure is the 24 days leading up to Christmas, and in turn you make your own Advent calendar for someone else. And if you're lucky, someone will make one for you. While this will be my first year on the recieving end of it, last year was the kick off inaugeral event, where I totally stole the idea from friends Luke and Suzanne (shh...they may not know)

So what have I been doing since Lowemannzeit? Well, camp came and went, and that was good, only minor issues here and there. Becca and I got married, and you can read about it at Together Without A Map or you can look at photos from our photographer (gallery is "Becca & Michael", password is beccaandmichael if it works). Then we went on an awesome honeymoon to Oregon and Washington, where we stayed in a treehouse, saw the redwoods, went horseback riding, explored Seattle, took part in an adventure race, and had a birthday! We came home two weeks later, and almost immediately fans were hit. Becca got the call from the state, and she had been laid off (the day we got back mind you) and then yesterday her bike was stolen (which was a wedding gift from me to her, and was just paid off the day before)

Thats short of it. Some other stuff happened in there as well, including starting a daily photo blog, A Step Ahead of the Composition. Becca got me a killer camera as a wedding gift, so been trying to make use of that as often as I can. Also, after taking part in the adventure race on the honeymoon, decided that I wanted to run one here, and thus, the Dead Fish Run has been born. But thats to come, so we'll leave that as it is for now. But the Dead Fish Run is coming, tell your friends.

So yeah, thats about it. Pimped five blogs, three of which are my own, not too bad. ADVENTure coverage should be coming this afternoon/evening, but wanted to get something out there while I'm thinking about it.

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