Monday, June 8, 2009

A Mighty Post-Norgen To You Good Sir

Two months? Damn.

Lowemannzeit was this past weekend and it was quite a great day. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and the drinks were a flowing. We got some ground to cover, so lets get started with the beginning of last week.

Lowemadness begins. In preparation for the big day, we needed to work with the International Lowemannzeit Preservation Foundation, or ILPF, in preserving and educating the populous about the joy and wonder that is Lowe. So, a trip out of the offices to our testing ground known simply as "East Sugarballs", we recorded several PSA/How-to videos. They are as follows:

All the Information in the world pertaining to Lowemannzeit is complied into its new official home at Wikimannzeit. This is done on a whim so the ILPF can keep track of what they are talking about.

Wikimannzeit goes live, much to the amazement of everyone thinking that it took many panestaking days and hours for it to look that good. ....yes, yes it did (Quiet Milton)

Nothing really happened today, I was pretty busy at work.

With one more day to Lowemannzeit, everyone is giddy and nothing is getting accomplished. Work is dragging and its almost time to go, but not quite yet. Becca and I are hosting a Norgen Eve portal party since everyone is going to be elsewhere for Lowemannzeit. So, come 5:45 (issues at work caused our 5:00 prep time to be delayed) we are rushing from work to try to get to the costume shop so I can get a Abraham Lincoln hat so I could go as Cyber Lincoln, but they closed 3 minutes before we got there and would not open for us, no matter how much we begged and explained the mysteries of the Norgenchewer (we didn't). So we rushed home to get to the grocery and liquor stores to get supplies for the evening.

So, now that we were fully stocked and making up drinks as we went along (like the El Lowemannero - Tequila and Grenadine with an umbrella) it was time to celebrate properly

Pretty much people came, we drank, we ate, built the portal, and we exchanged gifts. The following are some photographic evidence to chronicle our journey:

Here's Becca in her Lowemannzeit finery, wearing pink fishnets to match.

This is me, wearing my uniform from the 4th Norgen War in Hawaii. You can tell whose side I was on by the color of the lay.

The Viking who showed up to drink and break everything with his own Norgensword. Click it to see the madness in his eyes as he prepares to pillage the woman. The blood will not come out of the couch.

This is our Norgenbait, it has been wrapped in bacon for three days.

This is the cat, infiltrating the present portal. My thoughts towards this is that the cat is taking part in the Norgen pagent, playing the part of the Norgenchewer. No one had it in them to tell him that the pagent was cancelled due to our lack of small children who could remember all their lines.
This is Johnny Depp wearing a viking helmet. Not much else going on here.

And yeah, that is about it. Wonderful time, and now eagerly awaiting next year. Heres to looking for something to fill the void.