Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ADVENTure Day 1: The ADVENTure box and the first gift

Off to a great start by being late on the first day, so lets get going.

Last year I made Becca an elaborate ADVENTure box that was sealed off to the real world and contained nothing but joyful and magic and christmas cheer, that required you to pierce into it with a sharp knife and cut out your daily gift. This year Becca box is looking a bit lame, so I will have to fix that, but the box that she made for me...Oh boy.

What Becca has done is individually wrapped 24 gifts, and then tethered them to ribbons attached to numbered tags for the days of Advent. Every morning I get to pull out the number tab and follow the ribbon to my joyous gift. Its pretty intense looking inside the box right now.

So, when I pull out the first days gift, this is what I find at the other end of the line:

What can it possibly be? golf clubs? video game? another cat?
No, Its underware! But the are covered in the remains of a thousand dead fish, in celebration of the upcoming Dead Fish Run, so it makes it that much more awesome.

So what did I get Becca? Well, she doesn't have a blog or anything yet, but she was saying she is going to start one to share what she's getting. I'd suggest friending her on Facebook and telling her she needs to start one, even give her suggestions on what to call it. or just post your harrassment here in the comments and I'll make sure to tell her.

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Stryder Wolfe said...

harass! Harass!!AGGGHH!