Thursday, December 10, 2009

ADVENTure Day 8 & 9: Gorging Myself

Yesterday was a very slow moving long day full of snow that produced nothing much. But thats not what you want to hear at the moment...its ADVENTure you need!

Day 8
Now, you may not have noticed but bread is good. Also, another wonderful thing in the world is beer. This is why having beer with sandwiches or french toast is a great idea. but the amount of work and effort it requires to drink AND eat at the same time can be too much. Enter Day 8...
Day 9
Yesterday had not much time for contemplation of what I received because we opened early and I was out the door and into the snow. this is actually very similar to how every morning starts for me - up and out the door, and in turn I don't really remember to bring anything aside from coffee. In turn, I've become very good at not eating during the day, but some times that just doesn't cut it and I have to break down and get something to eat. Knowing this, becca pickd up a gift card to a place that I tend to frequent due to its closeness to work.

All in all, I'm starting to notice a trend. Its almost as if she is trying to fatten me up...but for what? Better hide the knives.

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