Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ADVENTure Day 10-14: Eating and drinking, socked out, and Powered up

Recently I have been called out for sucking at keeping up with the daily ADVENTure by the international community, by which I mean Luke Milton, who has done the opposite of me and has managed to stay on top of his ADVENTure, as well as sprawl into new territory by reviewing holidays specials as well. Jerk.

Day 10
The scary thing you find when you don't do this daily like you are supposed to is that you start to forget what came when. As you recall, I have started to see a pattern in my daily gifts - food. The 10th day was no different, and is a favorite:
a repeat? Yes, but we knew that the rest of the bag would be finding its way to my belly sooner or later.

Day 11
now this is something new this ADVENTure and just in time too:

Neither of us has done laundry in quite a while, so this seems to be timed perfectly, and I like smartwool socks.

Day 12
another repeater this day, and while we currently do not need it like last time round, I am looking forward to getting to use it:

Day 13
This one was a surprise, and I really don't know what to say on it

Does this mean something deeper in the box will need these? should I use them up now, or should I save them for the future? Can they be used in Day 14's gift....

Day 14

No, but I will eat these as well in good time.

Becca left to go to Connecticut last night for a few days, so I am not certain of the rules and by-laws that dictate ADVENTure, and am not sure if I can open without her being here (wanted to say "present" but it would create this awesome double meaning that would blow your mind, but I need you continuing to read this), but know this friend - THEY WILL BE OPENED

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