Friday, March 27, 2009

Being Busy is a Busy Thing

Its been almost 3 weeks now with a job, and its a crazy thing going from having absolutely nothing to do to not having enough time to do it all in. I'm not complaining, but I'm just saying.

So you know, I took a job at a local Y as the after school and camp director. Its a bit of a change for me since my last job (where I was the camping and youth services director) it was about 85% all about camp, 15% youth enrichment programs (like sports, drawing, painting, and rocketry classes) with support by proxy to the after school program as needed. The new job is about 80% after school programs and 20% camp, so its a drastically different game now that I'm thinking about it, but its been very good. a good working environment, with new responsibilities and a great working dynamic, whats not to love? perhaps what I need to clean up.

The previous guy left back in January, and the position was filled by an interim who did exactly as she was trained to, but the problem was that the old guy trained her to do just the daily stuff, not the billing, not the grant work, not the payroll, etc. Basically all the administrative bits that keep the program going, so I've been working nonstop to try and sort it all out. And I'm happy to say that for the most part, its all sorted out, so now I can actually focus on getting the program better. or getting camp off the ground. Did I mention how there is nothing done for camp yet?

Typically promotion and registration, etc for camp would have started in January. I do not even have a location for the camp to be housed in. Looks like there is a bit more work to go. Again, don't think I'm complaining, because I'm not (venting maybe? don't know, but definitely not complaining). I love this sort of stuff, fixing the chaos. I also knew going in it was going to take some time to get things running how they should.

Oh, also, I finally got an xbox 360 to play in all my spare time. Oh the irony. Been trying to get on it for at least a little bit each day, and a friend loaned me a bunch of games to get me going, but I need to pick up a few new games to play, maybe something that doesn't involve me physically ducking and diving out of the way due to sniper fire like I do with COD4 or absolutely paranoid to whats around the corner and screaming like a girl when something comes out of the dark I wasn't expecting in Bioshock. is there a coloring game maybe? microsoft paint 360? lego games are a must, and will be acquired soon.

Every day is a great day

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What I've been watching

Today marks the 6 month"anniversary" of being laid off, which is pretty amazing to me because it also is the day that I officially have a new job (more on that later, but yay!) The last couple of days I have actually been posting again, which is good because it does serve as a way to inform my avid fan club of my happenings (the MKAFC for those of you in the know), but moreso a chance to look back on things, and what I've done. unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, not much of it has be uber productive. So, what have I done?

Caught up on some TV that I didn't know existed

This has been on and off as I start getting sucked into things. I've managed to successfully watch the entire run of the new Doctor Who series, which, if you have not watched, is absolutely wonderful. Its light-hearted with just the right amount of dark and seriousness for when it needs to be with an overarching plot over the course of each season, while still being able to be watched episodically without having to be aware of the "big picture". In turn, it led to watching Torchwood, its spinoff series, though I've only managed to make it through 2/3rds of the 1st series of this show. Its good, but I just need to be in the right mood for it. Its perfect for those who want a Who-flavored noir show full of sex and sci-fi.

Of recent days I have been devouring Dexter, a show about a serial killer who works for Miami PD who are in turn trying to catch serial killers, but they don't know that he (Dexter) is also a serial killer. For the most part, its fairly predictable, meaning I've been able to properly deduce whats to come a few episodes before it happens, but I've been happy to see that even though I've been right, I didn't see the path until I was on it. Good stuff.

Transitioning from Dexter to another show starring its main character (Michael C. Hall) brings us to another show about death - Six Feet Under. Its a show about a family in the funeral business, and has been enjoyable though we only made it about 4 episodes into the first season, which is right around the time that Beccas mother had died, and suddenly we were ready for a new show for a bit. Not to create awkwardness in my own post.

But, around the same time as that, i was introduced to a Sci Fi channel mini series called the Lost Room, which is the coolest idea for a show I had heard of ina while. There is a room that goes missing (gasp!) in time and space, and many of the rooms contents are shot into the world, except now they each have a power to them, like the bus ticket will teleport whoever touches it to a road outside of a small town in Arizona, or the room key that will open any door into the lost room for you to enter into. once inside, you can then reopen the door to anywhere else. theres more to it, including cults and factions that are searching for the items for varying reasons. The mini series ends with it set up to potentially become a show on Sci Fi, but considering what they had done within the show, it sort of made it difficult to really justify basing a series around it. Now, a RPG would be pretty cool though.

I also have finally gotten around to starting to watch Battlestar Galactica. I've had the original mini series and all of season one for a while now, but just never made the time to watch it. Finally sat down to watch the mini series, and damn. Just in time to have no time again,right?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Exciting News!!

Today is my cat Elwyns 8th birthday!! Yay!!

Now, I know what you are thinking - why the hell is he talking about his cat, because I do not give a fuck. Well, let me respond to this with my cat is the best cat ever. As in throughout all of time.

Becca and I adapted him through a coworker of a friend who needed to find a home for him quickly. He was her daughters cat who was supposed to take him with her when she moved, but ended up moving into a place that wouldn't allow cats, and then the mothers living situation changed, and Elwyn unfortunately needed to go. He has been living with us since about the beginning of November, and was a bit skiddish, but quickly settled in (like 4 days later, which is pretty quick for a cat this old to be at ease with new owners).

To best describe him, Elwyn is a 200 pound orange and white cat with green eyes. He sleeps, as cats do, but he also secretly fights crime, just like Phantom Zero. When not doing that, he loves to make the rounds sitting in everyones laps or on top of computer keyboards. He fucking rules, and you can be friends with him on facebook if you are not already.
Also, I heard back from the job I was waiting to hear back from. I am their #1 pick. I meet with them again on Thursday to discuss specifics. Thats pretty cool too.

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's been weird lately

It's been a while, but I haven't really been motivated to do much pertaining to writing of late. I tried to once a few weeks back, but opted to save and reread later when I was able to focus better, which worked out well since it was an absolute train wreck of a post starting with real life superheroes and ending with porn ("how can that be bad?" you say).

This times a bit more focused (and much more sober). I lost my job last fall, and have been unemployed since then. I'm hoping to hear back from an interview today, and from everything I have heard from people is that its all good, but I am not hoping to jinx it until I hear officially one way or the other, though with a nor'easter happening, and the majority of the state in a lockdown, I don't know if that will be happening today. In any case, on the verge of having a new job, I've been thinking back over the last several months and its just been so strange. It's been the first time ever since high school that I have not had a job, and I somehow felt overwhelmed by the fact that I had nothing to do. Typically, when I have nothing to do I like to try and do anything, usually involving building or planning something rediculous (say 13 hour engagements or internet decathlons) but this time round, I just couldn't focus. I had an "awesome" idea for the greatest contibution to the scientific community and had even built a team of intrepid and charismatic science enthusists, but it sort of off and died without meaning to.

Now that I am possibly going to be doing something again, I am almost aprehensive to return to the world and contribute something meaningful once again. The funny thing is that it would be in a job that does pretty much the same thing that I was doing before getting laid off. Go figure.

Like I said, its still to early for anything, but we're all hoping here that it'll happen, apprehension or no. actually having an income will be good again, especially since we have a wedding to pay for.