Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Great Crap Swap 2008

Welcome back friends, this time I post with some more joyous stuff. My last posting was a bit required almost, but now its all bullshit all the time. So lets get started.

So, for the past 4-5 years, We have gone to friends house for New Years Eve to ring in the new year with debauchery and incessant drinking (or something like that), and its a good time for all. One of the things that happens is the Yankee Crap Swap. For those of you not in the know, the Yankee Crap Swap is the same thing as a yankee swap or a white elephant except where as with those you give ho-hum gifts that are not bad but have no use for, in the crap swap anything goes, so long as its not trash (as in literal trash) and you did not buy it. In years past, I have given a night light Jesus and a framed picture of me holding a jug. This year, I feel that I did some pretty awesome gifting. Read on to find out more!

Starting things off right, I thought I would share one that is near and dear to us all, except I took the time to make it PG:
Printed onto a mini postcard sized canvas we had laying around, naked princess leia playing guitar hero also got a second stamp of a golden bra. this makes it 200% sexier than before because if you look closely, you will not that the bra is see through, so it has that extra bit of alure that everyone loves.

Up next, was this picture printed and wrapped in an old package of double stuffed oreos with 3 stale cookies remaining:
the printed one is better looking, but you can follow this link to see it in all its HD glory. Thanks Bill from Pawtuckett!

Now, this one you may or may not recognize, but this is an original by Luke Milton for an event in a contest I held over the summer of 2007, the CMX Decathlon:
This was printed to 8 x 10 and framed. I was happy that the person who got it was excited because apparently she was a closet KBZ fan. Who knew?

And finally, the gift that I loved to give and thought was hilarious when someone opened it and didn't know what the hell they were going to do with it:
Drywall. Man, this was great. I don't think anyone else thought it was quite as funny, but thats why I rule.

And thats it. I ended up with a pretty crappy gift (I think it was an animatronic George W. Bush dressed as a cowboy. I'm not really sure because it was taken outside and I haven't seen it since. I hope he's ok, its cold out there, and i don't think his winning smile and rheteric is going to get him out of trouble in the wilds of Southern New Hampshire).