Sunday, January 4, 2009

Off to a Start

First post back, and I bring you nothing good. In fact, its the exact opposite of good, well, maybe the exact opposide of goods cousin or brother. And, its also not really me bringing it to you either, its moreso Becca sharing it (via facebook and me here to all 6 of you who read this so as to explain my lack of presence) so here goes

So this is hard, and not very good news at all.

My mom, Esther Krest died Friday (1/2/09). We are doing ok here, my brother, dad, Mike and I are all together and doing the best we can. We will be in the process of making services this weekend and the coming week. Thanks again for your kind words and support. We all really appreciate them.

Love, Becca
(Craig, Mat and Mike)


Thanks again to everyone for their kind words and support. We have made some arrangements to say our goodbyes to my mom.

Mom's obituary will be listed tomorrow, Monday, January 5th in the Willimantic Chronicle and the Hartford Courant.

Her visitation will be at Potter Funeral Home in Willimantic from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday, January 6th. We will be holding a memorial service at the First Church of Christ of Mansfield on Thursday, January 8th at 10:00 a.m.

Please, if you or your family are local, please give support to my dad and brother. Though times are tough now, they will defiantly need your support as time goes on. They will need you more then ever in the coming months and year and so on. Thank-you for all that you have done for us and all you will do.

Love, Becca

Needless to say, things are not going well, but they are getting better. I just ask that you keep Becca and her family in your thoughts and hearts.


JTagmire said...

Very sorry to hear this. If there is anything I can do for you guys, let me know.

Suzanne said...

Really sorry for your loss, Mike, and please pass condolences on to Becca. If you ever need stupid distraction, we're always here (always).