Friday, December 5, 2008

Pluto is not a planet anymore.

In the last couple of days, this topic has randomly come up in conversation at no fault of my own. Its been,what, 2 years now since they decided that Pluto was no longer considered a full planet, and was downsized to a dwarf planet. There seems to be mixed feelings on this topic from the scientific minds that I have spoken to, but what really concerns me is when is this going to come back to haunt us?

For now, we have no known way of contacting extraterrestrial life if it exists, and since any attempt by Jodi Foster has been officially written off as a failure, we also have no current projects in the works. But what about radio waves? Its been said that radio transmissions once broadcasted will continue for an indefinite period of time, traveling through space, with the possibility of reaching others in the surrounding galaxies. Pluto was originally named and declared a planet by Earth in the year 1930, though word of its existence began ten years earlier when it was referred simply as "planet X". This means that conversations about this planet could have started as early as the 20s when commercial radio was just starting to become popular. Since radio waves travel at the speed of light, word of the discovery of Pluto by earth would have reached them in about 5-6 hours, depending on its current rotational orbit.

This means that for about 10 years, the average Plutonian would have been carrying on conversations with their fellow Voorg (their word, not mine) about what this mysterious "Planet X" that they have heard so much about is? They would have gagued their own theories and cosmologies based on our findings that they thought we were sharing with them as good neighbors. Then, May 1st, 1930, the Earth gives Planet X a name, and its Pluto.

All the Plutonians suddenly go "Holy shit! they've been talking about us all this time" and get pretty irritated by the whole ordeal. How could they have been talking to us all this time and not think it prudent to include us in on this conversation? I would imagine that on a planetary level, their view of Earth suddenly grew weaker. So, for just over 75 years they learn to live with this galactic snub and have moved on, planning to say "thanks, but no thanks" to any offers that were to come from Earth to them in the years to come.

But then, all of a sudden, in September of 2006, a scientist decided that Pluto wasn't big enough to be called a planet anymore. 5-6 hours later Plutos all "WTF Earth?" and theres blood in the air.

This is my concern - we've pissed them off almost 80 years ago, and now we made it worse. There is a very good chance that they are planning an attack and we don't know it because they are not important enough anymore to be a planet, so real scientists (or at least the ones who want a crack at real research money) just don't care. We should be either be preparing for intergalctic war, or start writing a retraction to be read on air by a prominent individual of respect, not loosing spiders belonging to a 3rd grade classroom in space. I'd like to suggest Oprah as our spokesperson, with George Lucas there as well. Why? Well, everyone here seems to like Oprah, I don't think I know a person who doesn't like her. Lucas is there because he gets this sort of thing, but he can't speak because then he'll fuck it up.

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