Monday, December 15, 2008

The Great Advent Event

Christmas is only 10 days away, and I don't think that it has come quite as quickly as it has this year compared to previous years. Trust me, I have checked into it, and there is scientific proof that this holiday season is moving quicker. This means that I don't have nearly as much time to do things as I would like, which is pretty ironic all things considered. Becca and I still need to decorate most of the house, as well as figure out what we are going to do for Christmas cards this year (in years past we have made our own using a combination homemade stamp and a photo taken to commemorate the holiday. We plan to do the same this year, but were slacking), as well as figure out what we are going to do for the day of (stay and host or leave and visit family), as well as gifting for friends and family.

Fortunately, I actually am done shopping for Becca, and have been for some time (surprisingly), thanks to some inspiration from some friends. Luke and Suzanne had decided to create home made advent calendars for each other, and in turn they have been documenting their gifting on their own blogs respectively, and in doing so inspired me to steal their idea and make an advent calendar for Becca, though by the time I got to it, two days had passed, so I had to move quickly and become an engineer. Allow me to show you the "Advent Calendar 5000":

Now, on the outside, it may not look that pretty, and you may think to yourself "thats pretty great Mike, you got her a shitty old box and drew all over it" and you would be right, but this is an engineering marvel that would rival the tallest tower in Japan (which is much taller than you would think)

On five of the six sides to this box are drawn doors to the exact size and measurements needed to get one and only one gift. Becca is to cut open each door (as seen above) daily to get her gifts, leaving her with a box full of holes. But wait, theres more! every day, she gets to reach inside the "one a day" door and pull out an envelope full of puzzle pieces that when assembled will make a puzzle (I know, right?)

Now, I know all you out there are just dying to see the inside of the box, and I have a special treat for you. We have exclusive photos of the inside that you will not see anywhere else online! You don't know what we had to do to get these photos for you, so please enjoy them!

The marvels of modern science will never cease.


Suzanne said...

thats so totally awesome. You're the kind of person they hire to engineer lego.

Stryder Wolfe said...

oooh next year you should BUILD it out of lego :D

well...or at least duplo...