Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Introduction of Awesome Week

As some of you may know, I was laid off from my job back in September, and have been actively on the hunt ever since. Although I am still unemployed, I have been averaging an interview a week, and have been trying to keep myself busy and motivated as best I can. As a result of this, I have a lot of free time of late that I have been trying to fill with projects and/or reading, but surprisingly not so much on TV or Movies.

With it being the 16th of December, I am not so confident that much will come about job-wise in the next two weeks, or at least I wouldn't count on being hired and starting before the 1st of the new year, so I thought now would be a great time to introduce the concept of Awesome Week.

Awesome Week, strangely enough, isn't really so much awesome as it is watching movies that are awesome, and things related to them that are also awesome. In addition to watching the movies, I'm going to try to do things related to them as well and will post my plans here ahead of time so you can take part too.

Awesome Week will run for at least 5 days and consists of watching movies that are awesome. Every day will be a different series of awesome movies watched (more or less) one after another. The following is currently in the plans for Awesome Week:

Day 1 - The Star Wars Trilogy
Star Wars is awesome. I've had a falling out with it for a while, but in more recent times have come to appreciate it for what it is and have fallen in love with it again. I mean, something that can inspire people to do this:
and this:
and still have everyone think that what they have done would make George Lucas proud has to be good. The original trilogy will be watched only. Nothing against the prequels, I just don't want to watch them.

Day 2 - Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones is bad ass, and watching four films about him back to back sounds like it could be pretty draining, but this is the sacrafice I am willing to make for Awesome Week. I mean, this man has fought Nazis, Communists, and Cultists just to get nab something that would later be made into a keychain replica that you can buy in the gift store of the museum you're visiting with your family.

Day 3 - Back to the Future

1985 is a pivotal year for everyone, as this is the focal point of all things related to time travel. H.G. Wells knew it, JVCD knew it, and even fucking Doc Brown knew it. Its just a fact that all of human history revolves around this date. This is why it is important to include this three part documentary in Awesome Week. Delorians are pretty cool too.

Day 4 - Lord of the Rings
I've always been mixed bag on LotR, but as a movie series it is good, and I have not watched it in a while, so I'm thinking that it may be the dark horse of the bunch for me. I've never not liked it, but aside from all its epicness, its always been just alright. The fact that I only own the extended versions of it leaves me a bit worried, but I'm tough, I can do it. LotR doesn't get a picture because theres nothing that comes to mind as something that I would want to show off. Yet, I posted a picture of a trashbag Yoda costume....strange.

Day 5 - I don't know
I didn't want to limit Awesome week to only 4 days because its all I can think of (thats not true) but I didn't really know how to best fill this day. Time will tell, but if you have suggestions, please share. A couple thoughts would be Jaws, Pirates of the Carribean, or a Firefly/Serenity mix. Maybe Home Alone 1-5?

So there you have it, my shitty attempt at celebrating awesome movies. in total, were looking at 11 movies minimum, each averaging at least 3 hours (BttF may be the exception, I don't remember how long they are). I don't know if I am actually going to be able to watch everything, or if after the first movie if I will want to continue, or how much the holidays will mess with the plan, but there it is. I also only have LotR, so I may need to move pretty quickly to find the rest of the movies in time. I'm sure in the next day or so I will finalize the plans and offer up the schedule so all can participate in the festivities.


Robert said...

Jaws, it's one awesome movie and a string of shit, right?

I suggest Muppet movies.

Robert said...

Ooo, or maybe The Naked Gun?

Luke Milton said...

Yeah, Jim era Muppet Movie - Manhattan would be up there. Otherwise I suggest both Gremlins and both Ghostbusters.

Or Lucas produced fantasy: Willow, Labyrinth, Howard the Duck.

Stryder Wolfe said...

i'll third the muppets....

or you could do godfather 1-3 (my advice...nap through 3)

gremlins is great too

oh and remember to stand up and stretch occasionally....you don't want bed (couch?) sores

Taylor said...

I thought about the Muppets after I wrote it all out, but I'm not sure yet. and I've never seen any of the godfather movies before.

Stryder Wolfe said...

well then it'd be a new experience for ya!

Do it! Godfather!

Oh, btw, where'd ya get the pic of the girl in the slave leia costume? I ask because she looks very much like someone I know...although I doubt it is...

Taylor said...

I just googled "princess Leia" and there she was

Bee Roach said...

Best of the Best 1 & 2

Bee Roach said...

Dune (1984), Frank Herbert's Dune (Sci-Fi miniseries,2000), Children of Dune (Sci-Fi miniseries, 2003)

Robert said...

The Karate Kid series.

Splash one and two.

Arthur and Arthur on the Rocks.

The Spider-man series, but watch them in reverse order so they have a happy ending.

Suzanne said...

I'd back Willow and Labyrinth but add Dark Crystal to the mix. Try not to do acid at any point through those three.