Friday, April 10, 2009

to the dads of kids 6-14, i'm sorry

right now I am waiting for my teen afterschool program at the local imax so i can give them their tickets, but they are running late (by like25 minutes, not impressed). but as i am waiting here I get to see all of the young kids who have been waiting for this day like they would for the norginchewer at lowemannzeit, and the one consistent thing I have noticed today is that everyone who is coming with parents, its 95% dads who are here. I'd like to know how that happened.

I am of course talking about opening day for the hannah montana movie.

having only 3 tv channels on a good day, I have been subjected to watching it on saturday mornings from time to time, and while it is not the worst show out there for kids (thats so raven and suite life of zach and cody however, are) its not really that great by kids standards. So how come its so great and how come dad has to take everyone? If this is the way of things to come when I have kids, I am really hoping that their mom takes them to see rambo 8, cause I would not wanting them to miss out on good parts of their childhood.

well, thats not true, I work with kids who have seen all the saw movies in one sitting and can repeat them verbatum and that is scarry. I guess the moral of the story is I don't like pop culture for kids today, and they should all listen to NPR.

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